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New State of Democracy assessment framework and Film

February 12, 2014

Citizens across all continents have used the citizen-led democracy assessments pioneered by International IDEA for the past 10 years. The Institute is now releasing two new resources.

Citizen-led democracy assessments around the world – International IDEA’s State of Democracy assessment frameworks

The film tells the story of citizens assessing the democracy in their country using International IDEA’s State of Democracy assessment frameworks.

By presenting the outcomes of a selected number of assessments carried out to date – and by focusing on the State of Local Democracy assessment carried out in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao in the Philippines – the film illustrates the benefits of the citizen-led approach to democracy assessments.

State of Local Democracy Assessment Framework

State of Local Democracy Assessment Framework is a publication designed to be a practical resource for municipal officials, local administrators, local political parties, traditional and civic leaders, academics, civil society organizations, community groups, the media and others.

It assists them to:

  • Assess the quality of democratic life in their locality,
  • Identify democratic strengths and weaknesses,
  • Translate these into local reform and development priorities.
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