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International IDEA tracks Summit for Democracy commitments and launches resources portal 

December 10, 2021 • By Marilyn Neven

In his Opening Speech to the Summit for Democracy, U.S. President Joe Biden cited International IDEA’s Global State of Democracy 2021 Report’s alarming findings on democratic decline. With this backdrop, President Biden called for joint action from participants and stakeholders to the Summit to develop commitments to defend and strengthen democracy, and report back at the end of the Year of Action 2022 during a second Summit. To support such reporting, International IDEA started tracking Summit commitments.

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See the provisional overview of commitments.

To provide support to participants and stakeholders in the Summit, International IDEA launched a Summit for Democracy Resources Portal . The Portal offers visitors information on the Summit and side-events, Summit commitments, articles, background publications and democracy data. As a go-to place for the Summit, the portal aims to facilitate the crafting, implementation and monitoring of Summit commitments and promote efforts of civil society and other stakeholders to strengthen the Summit’s potential for advancing democracy effectively, based on a content-driven and inclusive vision.

The Summit Resources Portal will be updated on a continuous basis throughout the Year of Action 2022. Participants and other actors involved in the Summit are invited to share their commitments, events, publications and other work via the contact form on the Portal or at the contacts included below.

Once the available information has been gathered, International IDEA plans to review commitments made at the Summit. The Institute will also cross-check them against priorities from 77 civil society organizations and other stakeholders collected through a survey and captured in the Briefing Note on the Summit for Democracy which was released ahead of the Summit. International IDEA will continue its efforts to facilitate dialogue between stakeholders to the Summit for Democracy with support from the European Union. 

Visit the Resources Portal on


US President Joe Biden citing International IDEA’s work at the opening of the Summit for Democracy


Supporting Team Europe Democracy

The Summit for Democracy Resources Portal and Briefing Note were developed in the framework of the project “Supporting Team Europe Democracy –Strengthening democracy evidence and communication around the Summit for Democracy”, which International IDEA co-implements with support from the European Union. The project aims to build democracy data and promote civil society and multi-stakeholder engagement in the Summit for Democracy.

The Team Europe Democracy initiative was launched by the European Commission and European Union (EU) Member States on 22 November 2021 reaffirming. The EU’s global leadership in democracy support, as the most important donor and constant supporter of democracy. 

The initiative aims to provide a robust and coordinated EU response to the global democracy decline, worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic. To streamline action in support of democracy across the world, Team Europe Democracy (TED) will create networks to promote evidenced-based policy dialogue between EU, MS and other like-minded partners on democracy at global level. At country level, TED will also boost EU and MS democracy support impact and visibility following a policy first approach. 

For more information, please contact:

  • Marilyn Neven, Programme Manager, Regional Europe Office, International IDEA, 
  • Anika Heinmaa, Research Assistant, Regional Europe Office, International IDEA, 


The contents of this article are the sole responsibility of International IDEA and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.


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