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Political Party Dialogue in Haiti

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A Forum on Political Party Cooperation through Dialogue being held in Port au Prince, Haiti on 27–29 June aims to stimulate understanding of the importance of political party dialogue for identifying opportunities and strategies to overcome the challenges facing post-conflict democracies.

Over recent years, political party dialogue has increasingly gained attention as a useful approach to manage broad democratization, peace-building and socio-economic development issues in young and post-conflict democracies. Haiti in particular is facing many political challenges in the near future including elections and major policy and legal reforms.

Organized by International IDEA and the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), the Forum will also serve as a platform to launch the French version of the publication Political Party Dialogue: A Facilitator’s Guide.

The 50 participants include representatives of political parties and parliamentarians from Haiti, politicians from Mali in Africa, and local and international experts on political party dialogue.

International IDEA and NIMD have many years’ experience working in the area of political party support globally, and on the thematic issue of political party dialogue in particular. This work has culminated in the recently published Political Party Dialogue: A Facilitator’s Guide. The publication is available in English, Arabic and French.

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