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International Democracy Day 2022

September 14, 2022

This year, the International Day of Democracy will focus on the untold stories of democracy. International IDEA´s aim is to highlight the stories that go under the radar in mainstream media.

As the Secretary-General of International IDEA, Kevin Casas-Zamora mentioned in a video message for the International Day on Democracy 2022

"International IDEA’s Global State of Democracy Report highlights the expanding threats of authoritarianism, political polarization and disinformation. These are tough times for democracy. Yet, there are also many stories of hope and democratic resilience around the world.  These stories deserve to be told."





Towards the restoration of democracy in Myanmar: Reflections on Democracy Day 
The progress made by Myanmar’s interim government institutions as captured in the Federal Democracy Charter since the coup is remarkable in that their efforts represent an unprecedented ability of a broad set of democratic stakeholders to find a compromise over difficult questions. 

Hidden dragon, falling Garuda – Untold declines and success of democracy in Asia and the Pacific 
Emerging from the most chronic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries in Asia and the Pacific region are facing challenges as governing systems in the region grapple with the stressors associated with the pandemic.


Sweden EU-Presidency & the Democracy Agenda project: hidden stories of democracy to inform the EU policies  
With the launch of the ‘Sweden EU-Presidency & the Democracy Agenda’ project, International IDEA’s Regional Europe Office is assessing the relevance of the EU´s external democracy policy to investigate what is the actual role of the EU as a democracy partner.



Paraguay: Political Training School for Women Leaders earns award from the Global Network on Electoral Justice  
The women’s training programme, led by the National Electoral Management Body in cooperation with International IDEA, earned an Honorable Mention in the Gender Equality category in the first edition of the Global Network on Electoral Justice Awards. 

Perú: Análisis longitudinal de las elecciones presidenciales 2001-2021 
¿Existieron patrones supuestamente anómalos que, desde diversos sectores, se utilizaron como evidencia para señalar una manipulación sistemática de votos (fraude) durante las elecciones generales del 2021?  

Plebiscito en Chile: tres puntos a considerar 
Si bien se anticipaba que la opción rechazo resultaría ganadora, hay tres resultados que llaman la atención: la holgura con que ganó el rechazo, la transversalidad de su victoria, y el nivel de participación electoral. 

Renovemos la promesa democrática en Paraguay 
Hay logros importantes. Entre otros, Paraguay se dotó de una Constitución de inspiración democrática que ha generado un consenso político y social.

A victory for political inclusion in Paraguay  
Paraguay has been making continuous efforts to consolidate its democratic institutions since the instauration of the regime in 1989. 



Insuring elections: A paradigm for protecting electoral integrity 
Despite being a critical asset of democracies, a comprehensive insurance policy for protecting the integrity of elections does not exist. 

Wildfires, hurricanes, floods and earthquakes: How elections are impacted by natural hazards 
Election management bodies have always had to cope with the risk of natural hazards, but the threat posed by such phenomena has become more apparent in recent years. 



Stories of Democracy - An Oral History Project


Stories of Democracy - An Oral History Project 
What was the "Third Wave" of democracy? Listen to testimonies about a global movement of founding and transitional elections in different countries, from the 1970s to the early 2000s.

The Impact of Natural Hazards on Elections


The Impact of Natural Hazards on Elections 
The number of natural disasters increased from under 300 per year in the 1980s to over 800 per annum in the 2020s.  Which strategies can be used to protect elections from the adverse effects of natural hazards?
Women in Leadership and Political Participation - WPP Stories Women in Leadership and Political Participation - WPP Stories 
Women in Political Participation (WPP) is a Pan-African gender project on the different facets of Women and Politics in Africa. Discover 20 stories about women's political challenges in the region



To mark International Democracy Day 2022, International IDEA, in collaboration with partners, is organizing diverse events to gather experts from different fields to analyze and find solutions to the significant challenges that democracy faces worldwide. Please, explore the options below and join us.


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