Workshop on "Principles of a Constitution: Federal Constitution Building in Multi-Ethnic Societies"

22 - 24 January 2019
9:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Image credit: wikipedia

Image credit: wikipedia 

As Myanmar is currently consolidating its democracy and transitioning towards a federal state, state and regional institutions will play an increasingly crucial role in terms of good governance, division of power, checks and balances, and resource sharing. This workshop aims for Members of Parliament from the Mandalay Regional Hluttaw to explore federal and constitutional principles with an emphasis on how power is divided and shared among different levels of government in multi-ethnic countries, and challenges that need to be addressed through the constitutional design and process.

The session will be led by Dr Elliot Bulmer (Senior Programme Officer of International IDEA’s Constitution Building Programme) and Dr Kimana Zulueta-Fülscher (Head of International IDEA’s MyConstitution programme). The workshop will offer participants the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field of comparative constitutional law and to discuss current issues of concern in Myanmar, as identified by the participants.