Democratic efforts on the brink: What is happening in the Middle East and North Africa

Image credit: The Swedish Development Forum (FUF)

Image credit: The Swedish Development Forum (FUF)

International IDEA will participate in this event organized by the Swedish Development Forum (FUF) that takes a regional perspective on democracy, focusing particularly on the state of democracy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

This region is one of many which is facing a democratic backlash in the world. According to our Global State of Democracy Report 2019, the Middle East has experienced the slowest democratic progress in the world since 1975. While the Arab Uprisings in 2010-2011 raised hopes for a turning point in the region’s democratic history, many of the movements demanding democratic transitions have since weakened. The Covid-19 pandemic has deepened the economic and social problems of the region, which could exacerbate the pre-existing democratic challenges. The presentation will cover the key democratic trends and challenges in this region that have been observed in the last five years; while also shedding some light on some of the implications that the government measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic have had on democracy and human rights in the region.

Join International IDEA's Elisenda Ballesté Buxó  in this timely conversation, moderated by FUF Stockholm Södra’s event group, discussing recent developments and the state of democracy in the MENA region. At the end of the presentation, Elisenda will answer questions from the participants and open up for a wider discussion within the group. 


The event will be held in English via Zoom and requires pre-registration before 11:59 (CEST) on 30 May 2021.





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The Swedish Development Forum (FUF)