Annual Democracy Forum 2017

Anti-corruption suggestion box

Anti-corruption suggestion box. Image: Marcel-Oosterwijk, Flickr

Annual Democracy Forum 2017: Corruption: A threat towards a democracy of quality

Every year the Chair of the Council of Member States of International IDEA, in collaboration with the International IDEA Secretariat, organizes the Annual Democracy Forum. The Forum is a global event that brings together Member States and partners of International IDEA, politicians, policymakers, civil society and representatives of academia from around the world to discuss a specific theme and formulate recommendations and policy proposals to advance the issue in question.

The theme of the Annual Democracy Forum 2017 is Corruption: A threat towards a democracy of quality. The Forum has been organized as part of the Peruvian Chairship of International IDEA and aims to promote reflection, debate and an exchange of ideas on the dynamics that exist between corruption and politics; and through that, identify relevant actions that generate institutional integrity frameworks, as well as effective anti-corruption strategies. This objective is part of the overall purpose of cooperating in strengthening institutions, the rule of law and increasing people's trust in democracy.