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The Constitution and Laws of the Taliban 1994-2001: Understanding the Taliban’s Philosophy of Governance

20 January 2023
13:00 ET (Washington, D.C.)
William Pitt Union Room 539, Center for Governance and Markets, University of Pittsburgh

Join Bashir Mobasher, Post-doctoral fellow at American University, for a presentation on his latest co-authored report: "The Constitution and Laws of the Taliban 1994-2001", published by International IDEA. 

Presented as part of the University of Pittsburgh's "Voices from Afghanistan" series, Bashir Mobasher will provide his insights on the Tabliban's autocratic systems of governance and the possible constitutional frameworks that may follow. Reviewing laws under the previous Taliban-era of the 1990's, this presentation includes new translations that bring greater clarity to the thinking of Taliban lawmakers. 

For online participation, please register here. 

Registration for in-person attendance is not necessary.

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