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Assessing the threat of political corruption linked to organized crime: A new step for conflict prevention

Conference Room B, UN Headquarters, New York

Interactive Panel Discussion

Governments, intergovernmental organizations and civil society actors around the world are increasingly grappling with the corrosive effects of organized crime over the health of democratic institutions, most notably elections, political parties and local administrations. This corrupt influence, in turn, further undermines citizen trust in political institutions, and fuels instability in all regions.

National and international actors with a stake on this problem, such as law enforcement authorities, ombudspersons, anti-corruption bodies and oversight agencies, thus require an assortment of tools that allow them to tackle this challenge within their own context and adapted to their particular mandates. A regular system to monitor these threat factors offers new avenues to create early warnings and deploy strategies to prevent or mitigate the threats.

International IDEA designed the IntegriTAS Threat Assessment System to assist users in mapping and conducting trend analysis through a specialized, free-access software. The system also offers a set of guides that help users design such an assessment process, navigate the potential factors and indicators that contribute to these threats, and deploy prevention and mitigation strategies to tackle them accordingly.

The purpose of this event is to present the IntegriTAS Threat Assessment System as a potential tool to assist in the prevention and mitigation of political corruption linked to organized crime.

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