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Advancing Anticorruption Outcomes Across Multilateral Fora

11 December 2023
17:00-17:50 (EST)
Atlanta, USA
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Numerous international anticorruption fora have emerged alongside well-established ones like UNCAC CoSP and the International Anticorruption Conference (IACC). These global platforms share the common goal of advancing anti-corruption agendas and strengthening democracy. Given the growing interconnectedness of global challenges, there's a pressing need for greater collaboration and synergy among these forums, agencies, countries, and sectors. By aligning their efforts and focusing on common objectives, these events can have a more significant impact. This session aims to enhance coordination between these forums and processes, examining recent achievements and challenges and strategizing for a more effective pursuit of shared goals. The goal is to prepare for upcoming strategic global forums in 2024 and 2025, including the IACC and the Summit for Democracy.


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