Voting method - Gibraltar

Voting method

Gibraltar, Elections Rules (1950.07.20-1, last amended on 31 January 2019), accessed 13 December 2019

14. (1) The votes at the poll shall be given by ballot.

(2) Each elector shall record his vote only in the polling station for the polling place to which he is allotted in the register of electors, with the exception of postal voters and absentee voters. [...]

Art. 34. (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of these rules, an elector who, owing to his temporary absence from Gibraltar is unable or likely to be unable to go in person to the polling station on the dayof the poll, may after publication of the prescribed notice apply to the returning officer to be registered in the list of postal voters.

(2) An elector whose application for registration is granted by the returning officer shall been titled to vote by post in accordance with the provisions of the Postal Voting (Procedure) Rules.

Gibraltar, Postal Voting (Procedure) Rules (LN. 1983/067, last amended on 31 January 2019), accessed 13 December 2019

International IDEA, Voting from Abroad: The International IDEA Handbook 2007, accessed 13 December 2019

Page 20: ​“Gibraltar (…) allows external voting only for a provisional stay abroad, and registration for elections can only take place within the territory.”