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North Macedonia, Republic of
Voting method

Electoral Code has been amended in February 2020. However, the English version of this amendment cannot be found online. According to the OSCE Interim report produced in March 2020, the amendments did not affect overseas voting practices.


North Macedonia, Electoral Code (2006, last amended in 2019), [unofficial translation by IFES], accessed 30 May 2020

Article 6

(1) Every citizen of the Republic of Macedonia who is at least 18 years of age, has the capacity to contract and has a permanent residence in the electoral district, municipality or in the City of Skopje, where the election takes place, shall have the right to vote.

(2) Citizens of the Republic of Macedonia who on Election Day are temporarily employed or residing abroad and are registered in the Voter Register based on the records of the relevant authority and the application for voting, shall vote for the election of the President of the Republic and for the election of Members of Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia in the Diplomatic-Consular Offices of the Republic of Macedonia abroad, or the consular offices, pursuant to the provisions of this Code.

Article 113-a

(1) The voters who are temporarily employed or residing abroad on Election Day shall vote at the DCOs or consular offices of the Republic of Macedonia abroad, one day prior to the Election Day in the Republic of Macedonia.

ODIHR Election Observation Mission, Republic of North Macedonia, Early Parliamentary Elections, 12 April 2020, Interim Report (3 – 31 March 2020), accessed 30 May 2020

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Joint Opinion on the Electoral Code of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” as revised on 29 October 2008