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Tahseen Zayouna

Publications Officer

Tahseen Zayouna is a Publications Officer in the Publications team of Communications and Knowledge Management Unit. He joined International IDEA in 2010.

Tahseen works on publications production by managing, as individual projects, the production of each assigned publication, providing timelines for copyediting, layout, proofreading and publishing (digital or in print) and liaises with programme staff and external providers on different stages of the production process. He also works on typesetting in International IDEA’s single-source publishing platform (Typefi) and designs the layout of covers and shorter publications in Adobe InDesign.

Tahseen also responds to internal and external copyright requests, in cooperation with the Publications Manager, related to publications and other knowldge products, databases and tools. He also updates the publications section of International IDEA’s website; assists in managing updates to the Editorial Guidelines and publications archive; and provides support to the internal Knowledge Product Approval process, in cooperation with the Publications Manager. 

Zayouna worked with Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) as a Research Assistant in 2008, then with a translation company in Stockholm before joining International IDEA in 2010. 

Publications production; translation
BA Translation, Mustansiriya Un. (Iraq); Dipl. Reporting, Commonwealth of Learning (Canada); Dipl. English language, Army School of Languages (UK); B.Mil.Sc, The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (UK)
Arabic, English, Swedish
Stockholm, Sweden
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