Marcus Brand

Head of Myanmar Programme
Background in law with a specialization on international constitutional and human rights law; international organizations in Europe and Asia, including in conflict settings.


Marcus Brand is the Head of Myanmar Programme in Yangon, Myanmar.

Brand joined International IDEA on 15 September 2020. His current responsibility is to lead, direct and develop International IDEA’s country programme in Myanmar and to manage the team of international and national staff to deliver the programme of technical assistance and advisory services; to represent International IDEA in Myanmar and to provide and facilitate expert advice in areas related to democracy, elections, constitutional reform and participation.  

For the past five years, Brand has led UNDP’s work on democratic reform in Ukraine, with EU and the UK as key donors. He has significant experience working on democratic governance, constitutional and rule of law reform in Myanmar. Brand has worked with UNDP Myanmar and other organizations to design and implement their governance programming from 2011 to 2015, and has also worked as an Electoral Advisor for UNDP regional office in Thailand for several years.

Brand has authored and published a number of articles and studies on constitutional change, international conflict and sustainable development.

PhD in international and constitutional law, University of Vienna; LLM in Comparative Law, the European University Institute, Florence; Diploma in International Relations, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna.
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Yangon, Myanmar