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Jessica Kehayes, Senior External Relations Officer

Jessica Kehayes

Senior External Relations Officer

Jessica Kehayes is the Senior External Relations Officer of International IDEA. Her work is focused on International IDEA’s global fundraising and partnership management.

Prior to joining International IDEA in 2021, Jessica was an executive director for the global NGO Asia Society in New York City, as well as a management consultant in Stockholm. She was a founding director of Asia Society’s Center for Global Education. She has led international and multicultural teams with long experience in private and public fundraising, project planning and management, strategic planning, network development and public communication. She has lived and worked in Sweden, the US, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Fundraising; project planning & management; network development and public communications
College of William & Mary in Virginia (USA); MBA, Stern School of Business, New York University (USA).
Stockholm, Sweden
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