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Lindlyn Moma

Lindlyn Moma combines her human rights law background with her passion for the environment to tackle climate change and promote ecological justice. She is a human rights lawyer and environmental activist with over 20 years of challenging human and environmental rights violations in Africa.

Lindlyn started her quest for justice by supporting communities adversely affected by gold mining companies in Ghana and West Africa. For five years, she co-led the African Initiative on Mining and Environment (hosted by Third World Network) that supported civil society groups challenging mining communities in Africa. From drafting mineral legislation with communities affected by mining in Ghana to facilitating learning experiences with oil communities in Bayelsa State in Nigeria and communities along the Oil Pipelines in Equador, Lindlyn’s heart and career have centred on protecting the environment for the enjoyment of all. Her work with civil society was recognised in 2005 when she was appointed to represent civil society on the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Mining Vision Advisory Group that contributed to drafting the African Mining Vision 2030. She has a rich history of leadership roles within the environmental justice sector, most recently serving as Africa Program Director of Greenpeace Africa and WildAid. Currently, she serves as the Global Advocacy Director of the Laudato Si Movement, mobilising people of faith to protect our common home.

Lindlyn holds a Bachelor of Law obtained at the Univerity of Buea, a Matric (French Postgraduate Diploma) en Science Juridiqe et Politique from Universite Catholique de l’Afrique Centrale and a Master of Law in Human Rights and Democracy in Africa from the University of Pretoria. She is currently engaged in a part-time research doctorate program on “A human rights mandate to ensure the right to a clean and healthy environment” at the University of Pretoria Law Faculty. Based in Johannesburg, she shares the joy of gardening with her family and is the co-founder of Miyaka Greens; promoting smallholder eco-agriculture.

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