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Eva Maria Belser

Professor Eva Maria Belser holds a Chair for Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Fribourg and a UNESCO Chair in Human Rights and Democracy.

She is co-director of the Institute of Federalism of the University of Fribourg and heads its international centre. She is also a board member of the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights and responsible for the cluster dealing with the institutional aspects of human rights implementation.

She teaches and publishes in the field of Swiss and comparative constitutional law, federalism, decentralisation and globalisation, human and minority rights and democracy as well as constitution-making and conflict resolution. She was awarded the Swiss federalism prize in 2019. Professor Belser regularly serves as a Swiss expert in international cooperation in the fields of federalism, decentralisation, democratisation, human rights and good governance. Her recent consultancy activities were related to Iraq, the Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Syria.

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