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The Global State of Democracy Launch: Geneva

November 29, 2017

Globally, democracy is at a crossroads. International IDEA’s The Global State of Democracy publication assesses the state of democracy worldwide, with the aim of providing evidence-based analysis and actionable recommendations for current threats and challenges to democracy.

The publication’s first edition focuses on ‘Exploring Democracy’s Resilience’ and analyses a set of key challenges to democracy and the enabling conditions for its resilience. In addition, accompanying the launch of the publication is the new Global State of Democracy (GSoD) indices, the evidence base for the publication. The GSoD indices are built on an elaborate conceptual framework, based on a broad range of attributes and sub-attributes of democracy and rooted in International IDEA’s well-established State of Democracy (SoD) framework, and cover 155 independent countries for the period 1975–2015.

The Global State of Democracy publication was launched at IDEAthons and high-level launches around the world. This is the live stream of the launch held at the UN Office in Geneva on 29 November. 

Access the GSoD Indices and a digital version of the GSoD publication.

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