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Statement: UN ECOSOC Partnership Forum

Speech delivered: January 30, 2024
Event: Location: UNHQ, New York
Action Segment on SDG16 at the ECOSOC Partnership Forum on 30 January 2024. Image credit: Annika Silva-Leander.

UN ECOSOC Partnership Forum

30 June 2023, UNHQ, New York, USA

Statement by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance 


As we gather here at the UN ECOSOC Partnership Forum, it is imperative that we underscore the profound significance of democratic principles and unwavering commitment to democratic values in shaping the future we envision. Representing an intergovernmental organization with a clear mandate to strengthen democracy worldwide, International IDEA emphasizes the critical need to place justice, the rule of law, inclusivity, and effective institutions at the forefront of this Forum.

In contemplating the future, let us be unequivocal: if current trends persist, the prospect of a sustainable future will be elusive unless we achieve the SDGs. Central to this endeavor is SDG 16, focusing on just, effective, accountable, and inclusive institutions. These values are not mere aspirations; they are the bedrock upon which the success of all other SDGs hinges. We stress that the principles delineated in SDG 16, aligning with Article 21 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are fundamental to realizing the 2030 Agenda.

We must recognize that when institutions are fragile, weakened, or undermined, the ramifications extend beyond the confines of SDG 16, permeating all facets of the agenda. Thus, we advocate for a recognition of the enabling character of all dimensions in SDG 16, placing particular emphasis on the importance of inclusive, representative, and accountable institutions alongside peace and security. SDG 16 emerges as the cornerstone of the entire 2030 Agenda, underpinned by the conviction that democracy, peace, and sustainable development are inextricably linked.

In emphasizing the centrality of SDG 16, we underscore that virtually nothing on the agenda – from poverty alleviation to healthcare provision, from education improvement to gender equality, from economic growth acceleration to inequality reduction, from climate crisis mitigation to sustainable city creation – can be achieved if SDG 16 falters. We urge Member States to prioritize progress towards SDG 16 as a key enabler for the attainment of all SDGs. In doing so, let us consider it not just a priority but the linchpin that binds our collective efforts toward a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Measuring progress towards SDG 16 is indispensable, and we are committed to contributing through International IDEA’s Global State of Democracy Indices. These indices comprehensively gauge all key dimensions of SDG 16. Additionally, our participation in the SDG 16 Data Initiative, a consortium of 18 organizations, reaffirms our dedication to partnerships for open tracking and analysis of global commitments made by nations in 2015. The multi-stakeholder initiative, with its wealth of non-official data, serves as a valuable collective resource for monitoring progress and deepening analysis on SDG 16 and underscores the complementary value of such data in advancing our understanding and driving effective policy responses.

We also would like to underscore the paramount significance of partnerships in advancing the aspirations of Sustainable Development Goal 16. As we convene at the UN ECOSOC Partnership Forum, it is crucial to acknowledge that the realization of SDG 16 extends far beyond the capabilities of any single nation or organization.

To achieve SDG 16, collaboration is not just advantageous; it is imperative. Partnerships foster synergies, combining diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives. They amplify our collective impact, fortifying the foundations of peace, justice, and strong institutions.

In the pursuit of SDG 16, we must cultivate collaborative frameworks that transcend borders, ideologies, and sectors. Governments, civil society, businesses, and international organizations must unite in shared commitment. By forging robust partnerships, we can leverage our strengths, confront challenges collectively, and catalyze transformative change.

In conclusion, let this Forum be a catalyst for renewed commitment and collaborative action, with SDG 16 as our guiding force towards a future that leaves no one behind. 

Thank you.



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