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Marshall Islands, Constitution 1979 (as amended in 1995), accessed 25 December 2023

Article IV. The legislature

Section 2. Membership of the nitijela

1. The Nitijela shall consist of 33 members to be elected from the following electoral districts in the number indicated beside the name of each electoral district:

Majuro 5; Kwajalein 3; Ailinglaplap 2; Arno 2; Jaluit 2; Jabat 1; Mili 1; Ebon 1; Lib 1; Namdrik 1; Maloelap 1; Wotje 1; Likiep; Ailuk 1; Aur 1; Namu 1; Wotho 1; Enewetak & Ujelang 1; Bikini & Kili 1; Rongelap 1; Mejit 1; Utrik 1; Lae 1; Ujae 1.

Narikrik, Erikub, Jemo, Taka, Bikar, Bokak, Rongrik and Ailinginae shall each be included in the electoral district with which it is most closely associated, pursuant to the customary law or any traditional practice.

2. At any election in any electoral district, every qualified voter shall have the right to vote for as many candidates as there are seats to be filled; and the requisite number of candidates who receive the greatest number of votes, whether or not the number of votes received by any candidate constitutes a majority, shall be the member or members elected to represent that electoral district, and shall be so declared pursuant to law. […]


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