28. Are there provisions for direct public funding to political parties?



Yes, regularly

Articles 1 and 7, Wet financiering politieke partijen
[Art.7 1. Onze Minister verstrekt na een daartoe strekkende aanvraag subsidie aan een politieke partij indien die partij op de peildatum beschikt over 1 000 leden die vergader- en stemrechten hebben in de politieke partij en elk per jaar minimaal € 12 contributie betalen. Het lidmaatschap blijkt uit een uitdrukkelijke wilsverklaring van betrokkene.]


"A political party is association that participated in the last election of the House of Representatives or the Senate of the States General with a list of candidates registered in accordance with the Electoral Act whereby that list has at least one parliamentary seat assigned;
A subsidy to a political party if that has 1,000 members on the reference date who have meeting and voting rights in the political party and each pay a minimum contribution of € 12 per year. Membership is evidenced by an explicit declaration of intent by the person concerned."

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