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United Arab Emirates

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National Election Commission, official website, accessed 21 November 2023

Who can vote?

“Only Emiratis whose names have been included in the Electoral College List have the right to vote.

This year will be the largest election to date with 337,738 Emiratis included in the list by the National Elections Committee.

How Emiratis are chosen is unclear but citizens can only vote for candidates in their respective emirates.

The list identified 101,549 voters from Abu Dhabi, 60,772 from Dubai, 64,293 from Sharjah, 10,165 from Ajman, 6,653 from Umm Al Quwain, 55,289 from Ras Al Khaimah and 39,017 from Fujairah.

The full list of eligible voters is on the committee's website - www.uaenec.ae - where Emiratis must validate their names by entering their Emirates ID number.

Check if you are an eligible voter here: https://www.uaenec.ae/ar/voters.”


Half of the 40 members of the Federal National Council are elected by electoral colleges, while the other half are appointed. Electoral colleges consist of voters selected by the emirs of each emirate. 

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