28. Are there provisions for direct public funding to political parties?



Yes, both regularly and in relation to campaigns

Law on Financing of Political Entities, Article 7; and Article 10, paragraph 1.

7. Public financing of political subject is made through the Fund for supporting the political parties within
the Budget of the Republic of Kosovo.
10.1. Upon the proposal of the Government the Assembly shall allocate funds, but not exceeding 0.05% of Kosovo Budget, to finance the local and central elections campaigns related to regular or extraordinary elections. 


Political entities receive regular public financing from the public budget via the "Fund for the Support of Political Entities," which is administered by the Central Election Commission. The allocated budgetary funds for this fund cannot surpass 0.34% of the Republic of Kosovo's overall budget.

Additionally, for the financing of both central and local election campaigns, for regular and early elections, financial resources may be allocated from the public funding, but the total amount cannot exceed 0.05% of the Republic of Kosovo's budget.

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