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Article 83 (b) All Except for President and Vice President, all elections of public officers shall be determined by a simple majority of the valid votes cast in any election. Election of President and Vice President shall be by absolute majority of the valid votes cast. If no Presidential ticket obtains an absolute majority in the first ballot, a second ballot shall be conducted on the second Tuesday following expiry of the time provided in Article 83(c). The two presidential tickets that received the greatest number of valid votes on the first ballot shall be designated to participate in the run-off election and the ticket with a majority of the valid votes cast shall be the declared winner.

THE ELECTIONS LAW (last amended on December 15, 2014)

Article 4.15. Elections Results How Determined

(c) Elections to the office of Representative of the Republic of Liberia shall be based on a simple majoritarian system. The candidate with the highest valid votes cast shall be declared the winner.

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