Electoral system for national legislature



List PR

Electoral Code No. 26/2012 with the most recent amendments introduced by Law 4564/2020), accessed 5 June 2023

Articles 1-6, and Article 99 (for the details of allocation of seats)

See also: Greece, Early Parliamentary Elections, 21 May 2023, ODIHR Needs Assessment Report; accessed 5 June 2023


An open-list PR system from multi-member constituencies, with 3% national threshold. The party winning at least 25% of the votes receives 20 extra seats, with one more seat for every 0.5% point, to a maximum of 50 extra seats at 40% of the votes. Once this bonus attributed, the proper proportional distribution begins for the remaining seats, which can range from 250 if one party gathered at least 40 %, to 300 if no party reached 25%.

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