Electoral system for national legislature




Constitution of Tokelau, accessed 28 May 2023

Article 2. Villages

The villages are organised in accordance with the law. The villages shall elect a Faipule and a Pulenuku in accordance with the law.

Article 3. General Fono

The General Fono consists of the following members -

a) The Faipule and Pulenuku of each village, and

b) One delegate from each village for every 100 inhabitants of that village, based on the latest available census figures rounded to the nearest 100 inhabitants. […]

Tokelau, National Elections Rules 2013, accessed 28 May 2023

6. Conduct of elections

(1)(i) The Taupulega shall appoint a committee for the purpose of organising an election, supervising the voting, counting the votes, and declaring the result of the election.

(ii) No person who is a candidate for election can be a member of the committee.

(2) The Taupulega shall establish a list of candidates in accordance with the custom of the village.

(3) The Taupulega shall give public notice in the village of the time and place of an election, and of the list of candidates, at least 2 days before the election.

(4) At election time, each qualified voter of the village who is present at the voting place on election day may cast a secret vote to designate the person or persons to be members of the General Fono.

(5) (i) In order to be elected a candidate must receive more than half the votes cast. […]

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