Electoral system for national legislature



List PR

CÓDIGO ELECTORAL PARAGUAYO, Ley N° 834/96 (in Spanish), accessed 2 May 2023

Article 247.- The senators will be elected by the system of full list and proportional representation, in accordance with the terms of article 258 of this code.

Deputies will be elected in departmental polling stations, according to the number of voters in each department, including the city of Asunción with its own electoral district, in accordance with the provisions of Article 221 of the National Constitution and Article 6, section i ) of Law No. 635/95. [...]

Article 258.- The conventional constituents, senators, deputies and parliamentarians of the Mercosur, members of the Departmental and Municipal Boards will be elected in direct elections, through the system of closed lists and proportional representation. [...]


Closed List PR system using d'Hondt formula

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