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Bulgaria, Electoral Code (2014, amended by SG. 107/18 Dec 2020), accessed 11 April 2023

Art. 246. (1) The elections for MPs shall be held based on the proportional electoral system with registered candidate lists in multi-member constituencies of:

1. political parties and coalitions;

2. nomination committees.

(2) In voting for a candidate list of a political party or coalition, the voter may mark a preference for a candidate in the candidate list thus expressing his/her preference on the order of arrangement of the candidates on the candidate list he/she is voting for.

See further Articles 297-299 for details of allocations of seats.

Bulgaria, CEC, Decree No. 29 on determining the numbering, names and boundaries of electoral districts for holding elections for national representatives on April 2, 2023; accessed 11 April 2023

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