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Italy, Constitution (as of 9 March 2022), accessed 13 September 2022

ART. 56 The Chamber of Deputies shall be elected by universal and direct suffrage.

The number of Deputies shall be four hundred, eight of which are elected in the Overseas Constituency.

All voters who have attained the age of twenty-five on the day of elections are eligible for election to the Chamber of Deputies.

The apportionment of seats among the electoral constituencies, except for the seats assigned to the Overseas Constituency, shall be obtained by dividing the number of inhabitants of the Republic, as shown by the latest general census of the population, by three hundred and ninety-two and distributing the seats in proportion to the population in each electoral constituency, on the basis of the quotients and the highest remainders.

Italy, Legislative Decree 23 December 2020, n. 177 on Determination of single-member and multi-member constituencies for the election of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic, pursuant to article 3 of law no. 51. (20G00198) Entry into force of the provision: 30/12/2020 [in Italian]; accessed 13 September 2022

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