48. Do political parties have to report on their election campaign finances?




Art. 292, Loi n° 9-97 formant code électoral,  https://www.chambredesrepresentants.ma/sites/default/files/loi9.97.pdf

Articles 94 and 95, Loi organique n° 27-11 relative à la Chambre des représentants, http://www.sgg.gov.ma/Portals/0/lois/Loi_27-11_Fr.pdf          


Political parties that have benefited from the state’s contribution to the financing of their electoral campaigns must also demonstrate that the funds they have obtained have been used within the deadlines and in accordance with the formalities specified in the regulatory text for the purposes for which they were granted. 

Political parties send to the Court the accounts of their electoral campaigns within a maximum period of four (4) months from the date of payment of the State's contribution to the financing of their campaigns. elections.

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