28. Are there provisions for direct public funding to political parties?

South Africa

South Africa

Yes, regularly

Establishment of Represented Political Party Fund

2. (1) A Represented Political Party Fund is hereby established for the purpose of enhancing multi-party democracy by providing for the funding of represented political parties.

Article 2, Political Party Funding Act, 2018.

Allocation and payment of money to represented political party

6. (1) The Commission may allocate money from the Funds to a represented political party only.

Article 6, Political Party Funding Act (PPFA), 2018.


The Political Party Funding Act (6 of 2018) established two public funding streams for political parties managed by the Electoral Commission, namely: the Represented Political Party Fund, and the Multi-Party Democracy Fund. The former draws from national budged while the latter draws from non-state contributions.

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