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Isle of Man


Isle of Man, ELECTIONS (KEYS AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES) ACT 2020, accessed 3 August 2021

60. Constituencies [1995/13/11A and drafting]

(1) For a national election, the Island is divided into 12 constituencies each returning two members as follows —

(a) Arbory, Castletown and Malew;

(b) Ayre and Michael;

(c) Douglas Central;

(d) Douglas East;

(e) Douglas North;

(f) Douglas South;

(g) Garff;

(h) Glenfaba and Peel;

(i) Middle;

(j) Onchan;

(k) Ramsey; and

(l) Rushen.

Isle of Man, ELECTIONS (KEYS) REGULATION 2020, accessed 3 August 2021

52. Declaration of result

(2) In a contested election, when the result of the poll has been ascertained, the returning officer must immediately and in public —

(a) declare inside, or if the returning officer considers it necessary or desirable to promote wider knowledge of the result, outside, the place of the count the candidate or candidates to whom the majority of votes has been given to be elected; […]

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