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Belize, Representation of the People Act, Chapter 9, Revised Edition 2000, accessed 22 December 2020

17.(1) For the purpose of the election of members of the House of Representatives, Belize shall be divided into electoral divisions, the names and boundaries of which are set out in the First Schedule.

(2) The number, names and boundaries of the electoral divisions specified in the First Schedule may be varied as provided in section 90 of the Belize Constitution.

(3) Each electoral division shall be represented in the House of Representatives by one elected member.

Third Schedule [Sections 21 and 65] Election Rules

33.(1): When the ballot papers have been counted, compared, and recorded, the returning officer shall proceed to add up the number of votes given to each candidate, and shall forthwith declare to be elected the candidate to whom the majority of votes have been given.

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