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Jordan, Law on the Election of the House of Representatives (No 6 of 2016), accessed 14 November 2020

Article 8.

A) The Kingdom shall be divided into a number of electoral districts, to which one hundred fifteen seats shall be allocated in accordance with bylaw issued for this purpose provided that it includes the following:

1- Amman: Five districts

2-Irbid:  Four districts

3-Balqa: One district

4-Karak: One district

5- Ma’an: One district

6-Zarqa: Two districts

7-Mafraq: One district

8-Tafileh: One district

9-Madaba: One district

10- Jerash: One district

11- Ajloun: One district

12- Aqaba: One district

13- North: Badia One district

14- Central Badia: One district

15- South Badia: One district

B) In addition to the parliamentary seats stipulated in paragraph (A) of this Article, fifteen seats shall be reserved for women, where one seat shall be reserved for each governorate.

C) For the purpose of this Law, each of the three Badia districts (North, Center and South) shall be treated as a governorate.

Article 9

A) Candidates for the parliamentary seats allocated to each electoral district shall be nominated through a proportional open list system.

B) Without prejudice to the provisions of item (ii) of paragraph (D) of this Article, the number of candidates in each list shall be no less than three and no more than the number of seats allocated to the electoral district.

C) The voter shall first vote for only one of the nominated lists, and then he/she shall vote for one or more of the candidates in that list.

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