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OSCE, Georgia Parliamentary Elections, 31 October 2020, ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission Report, accessed 2 November 2020

“The 150 MPs are elected for four-year terms. Under the new system, 120 MPs are elected proportionally through closed party lists, and the remaining 30 MPs are elected in single-member constituencies. Parties must receive at least one per cent of valid votes cast to qualify for proportional seat allocation.12 The party must receive at least 40 per cent of the vote in order to be assigned a majority of seats in parliament. In majoritarian contests, candidates can be nominated by the parties or run independently and must receive over 50 per cent of votes cast to be elected. If no candidate receives the required number of votes, a runoff is held on the third Saturday after the election day between the two candidates who received the highest number of votes. For the 2024 parliamentary elections the system will be changed to a fully proportional one.”

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