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Republic of Lithuania, Law on Elections to the Seimas (as last amended on 14 January 2020 – No XIII-2783), accessed 8 October 2020

Article 1. Principles of the election of Members of the Seimas

Members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (hereinafter: the ‘Seimas’) shall be elected for a four-year term in single-member constituencies and the multi-member constituency by universal and equal suffrage, by secret ballot, at a direct, mixed-system election. […]

Article 9. Formation of Constituencies 1. For the organisation and conduct of an election, 71 single-member constituencies shall be set up, taking into consideration the number of voters in the constituency, the division of the territory of the Republic of Lithuania into single-member constituencies during the previous election to the Seimas and the administrative-territorial division. […]

2. One multi-member constituency shall also be formed where all citizens of the Republic of Lithuania eligible to vote shall cast their votes. 70 Members of the Seimas shall be elected in this constituency according to the proportional system of elections.

[see Articles 88-90 for details of electoral system]

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