Electoral system for national legislature



List PR

Croatia, Parliamentary Elections Act  (Official Gazette 116/99, Consolidated version of 2015 [in English]; last amended in October 2019), accessed 10 July 2020

See Articles 17, 38-46

OSCE, Republic of Croatia, Parliamentary Elections, 8 November 2015, Election Assessment Mission Final Report, accessed 10 July 2020


The 151 members of parliament are elected from 12 multi-member constituencies: 10 territorial constituencies, each electing 14 deputies, and 2 special constituencies, one representing citizens residing abroad, electing 3 deputies, and one representing national minorities, electing 8 deputies. Deputies from the territorial constituencies and the one for citizens residing abroad are elected Using open list proportional representation system. Seats are allocated to candidate lists that receive more than five per cent of the valid votes in each constituency, using the d’Hondt formula.

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