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Mongolia, Law on the State Great Hural (Parliament) Election of Mongolia (as of 20 December 2019), [in Mongolian], accessed 11 June 2020

Article 74. Tabulation of election results and announcement

74.1. The General Election Commission shall make a list of all the candidates in order by the number of votes they have obtained in their respective electoral district put in order by the voting results.

74.2. The candidates who have obtained most votes and the number of candidates equal to the mandate of that election district shall be deemed as elected for Members of the Parliament (State Great Hural) of Mongolia.

ODIHR, Needs Assessment Mission Report, Mongolia Parliamentary Elections, 24 June 2020, accessed 11 June 2020

“The revised electoral system replaces the previous first-past-the-post system with a multiple nontransferable voting system, in which all 76 members are elected across 29 non-proportional multimember districts comprising between 2 and 3 seats.11 The candidates with the most votes are elected such that all seats in a district are filled. By law, voters must select, from open lists, the precise number of candidates corresponding to the number of seats in their district, and ballots with more or fewer marked candidates will be considered invalid.12 Voter turnout must be at least 50 per cent in a constituency for the result to be valid. Repeat elections are held within a week and are open only to eligible voters that did not participate in the initial voting.”

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