39. Are there limits on the amount a political party can spend?




Law no.44 Parliamentary Elections 2017


"Paragraph (5) of Article 60 provides that the “campaign finance contribution made by a single natural or legal Lebanese person” to a candidate or list may not exceed 50 percent of their campaign spending limit and must be made through a bank transaction.60 A candidate may not receive a greater sum in contributions than his or her election spending limit, and contributions may not be made through an intermediary (para.[6]). "


Article 58: Campaign spending

In the present law, the term “campaign

spending” shall indicate all expenses paid by

the list or candidate and all expenses paid for

the account or benefit of either one of them,

with their express or tacit consent, by natural or

legal persons, political parties, associations or

any other bodies, provided that such expenses

directly serve the electoral campaign, voting

process or legitimate communication between

the candidate list or candidate and the voter,


Securing the rent and other expenses of

campaign offices; organizing campaignrelated

rallies, events, public meetings and

banquets; expenses related to equipment used

in the campaign; preparing, publishing and

disseminating media and advertising material

through books, brochures, bulletins, leaflets,

printed letters, or through post and electronic

mail; preparing, disseminating and posting

pictures, stickers, posters and billboards;

paying compensation or allowances in cash or

in kind to the campaign staff and candidate

agents; campaign staff and voter transport and

relocation expenses; travel expenses of nonresident

voters; expenses related to electoral

advertising and opinion polls; any other

expenses paid for the purposes of the campaign

to any radio or television broadcasting station,

newspaper, magazine or any other means of

publication, including electronic means.

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