39. Are there limits on the amount a political party can spend?




The Ethiopian Electoral and Political Parties Proclamation No…/2019


105. Books of Account of Political Party

1) Anypoliticalparty:

  1. shall deposit the support granted by government with a local bank using a

    separate account;

  2. may not expend outside the allowed expenditure and shall transact the account

    according to the law;

  3. shall keep the granted support in specific books of account by listing under every

    expenditure heading;

  4. shall submit audit report certified by auditor or financial expert, according to

    finance law, specifying the amount granted by the government in the budget year

    and the particulars for which the money has been expended.

  1. The auditor or financial expert shall forward his comment in the audit report as to whether the account audited by him has been expended outside the scope of the law and


  2. The Federal Auditor General may at any time inspect political parties concerning the

    utilization of the government support funds.

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