48. Do political parties have to report on their election campaign finances?




Electoral Law


Art 96 of the Electoral Law states 'Within the maximum period of thirty days after the official proclamation of the results of the voting, the candidates to the elections should provide detail accounts of all expenditure incurred and receipts obtained during an electoral campaign and shall precisely identify the origin of the receipts and the application of the expenditure. 2. All of the monetary support provided by the State in accordance with the terms of the preceding Article, which are not used or which are used for purposes not permitted under this law shall be returned to the National Election Commission, within the period of thirty-five days after the official proclamation of the voting results for integration into the General State Budget.' and Article 97 '(Responsibility for the accounts The candidates and the political parties or coalitions of parties, as the case may be, are responsible for the submission of the electoral campaign accounts which are referred to in this Chapter.'

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