Electoral system for national legislature

Korea, Republic of

Korea, Republic of


Korea, NEC, Public Official Election Act (as amended in 26 July 2017) [text of the new bill passed on 27 December 2020 is not available online], accessed 10 April 2020

Articles 188-189

See also: The Korea Herald, National Assembly passes electoral reform bill, published Dec 27, 2019, accessed 10 April 2020


The National Assembly passed a new reform bill on 27 December 2020 designed to adopt a new proportional representation system. Under the new bill, the number of directly elected seats and PR slots are kept at 253 and 47, respectively, in the 300-member National Assembly. However, the new bill partly eliminates the Parallel system and introduces MMP system instead. The number of PR posts to be allocated under the MMP representation scheme will be capped at 30.

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