Electoral system for national legislature




Tajikistan, Constitutional Law on the Elections to the Majlisi Oli, last amended in 2019, [in Russian], accessed 2 March 2020

Articles 28, 48, 49, and 50

OSCE/ODIHR, Republic of Tajikistan Parliamentary Elections, 1 March 2020, Needs Assessment Mission Report, accessed 2 March 2020

“The elections to Majlisi Namoyandagon are held according to a mixed (proportional-majoritarian) model. Of the 63 members, 41 are elected from the single-mandate districts, while the remaining 22 are elected under a proportional closed-list system with a five per cent threshold.”


41 members are elected in single-member districts using TRS; 22 members are elected by closed list PR system in a single nationwide constituency, with an electoral threshold of 5%. 

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