Electoral system for national legislature




Mauritius, Constitution 1968 (as amended in 2016), accessed 9 December 2019

First schedule (section 31(2)) Article 1

(1)  There shall be 62 seats in the Assembly for members representing constituencies and accordingly each constituency shall return 3 members to the Assembly in such manner as maybe prescribed, except Rodrigues, which shall so return 2 members.

(2)   Every member returned by a constituency shall be directly elected in accordance with this Constitution at a general election or by-election held in such manner as may be prescribed.

(3)  Every vote cast by an elector at any election shall be given by means of a ballot which, except in so far as may be otherwise prescribed in relation to the casting of votes by electors who are incapacitated by blindness or other physical cause or unable to read or understand any symbols on the ballot paper, shall be taken so as not to disclose how any vote is cast; and no vote cast by any elector at any general election shall be counted unless he cast valid votes for 3 candidates in the constituency in which he is registered or, in the caseof an elector registered in Rodrigues, for 2 candidates in that constituency.

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