Is e-voting currently used in any elections with EMB participation?



No, e-voting is not used currently

Austria, Federal Law on National Council Elections (Regulations on National Council Elections 1992 – NRWO), last amended in 2018, accessed 9 September 2019

§ 54. Each polling station has to be suited to the election process. The facilities necessary for carrying out the voting such as the table for the elections authority, near to it a table for the election witnesses, the ballot box and the required polling booths with the equipment, as well as a table for the election assistants (§ 20a, para 1) are to be supplied by the municipality. If possible, in each polling station a waiting room for the voters has to also be provided for. The published lists of candidates complying with § 49, para 6, second sentence, are to be put up visibly in front of every polling station.

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