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2012 Election Law 16 

Article 2

The members of the National Assembly bear the title of Deputy of Madagascar.

They are elected by direct universal suffrage, either by first-past-the-post or by one-round proportional representation based on the number of inhabitants in each constituency.

In constituencies with only one seat to be filled, Deputies are elected by first-past-the-post system. Is declared elected the candidate who will have obtained the greatest number of votes. In case of a tie between two candidates, the oldest candidate is declared elected.

In constituencies with multiple seats to be filled, the election shall be by proportional representation on a single-round electoral roll according to the electoral quota rule and the highest averages, without a mixture of votes, preferential votes and incomplete lists.

They are elected by direct universal suffrage for a renewable five-year term.


The 2010 Constitution does not reiterate its predecessors in defining the electoral system for the National Assembly. Note that a lot of the general detail of the organism is contained in a separate organic law of 2012, No. 5. This is not a parallel system, but it is not a simple one: votes in SMDs are counted by FPTP, votes in 2MDs by List PR.

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