Electoral system for national legislature




Bangladesh, Representation of the People Order (RPO) 1972 (as of 2018), accessed 1 January 2019

Article 38. Where, after consolidation of the results of the count under Article 37, it is found that there is equality of votes between two or more contesting candidates and the addition of one vote for one such candidate would entitle him to be declared elected, the Returning Officer shall forthwith draw a lot in respect of such candidates, and the candidate on whom the lot falls shall be deemed to have received the highest number of votes entitling him to be declared elected. The lot shall be drawn in the presence of such of the contesting candidates and their election agents as may be present. The Returning Officer shall record the proceedings in writing, and obtain thereon the signature of such candidates and election agents as have been witness to the proceeding.

Article 39. (1) The Returning Officer shall, after obtaining the result of the count under Article 37 or of the drawal of the lot under Article 38, declare by public notice the contesting candidate who has or is deemed to have received the highest number of votes to be elected.

(2) The public notice shall contain the name of, and the total number of votes received by, each contesting candidate 1[ as a result of consolidation under Article 37 or drawal of lot under Article 38].

(3) The Returning Officer shall, immediately after publication of the notice under clause (1), submit to the Commission a return of the election in the prescribed form together with a copy of the consolidated statement.

(4) The Commission shall publish in the official Gazette the name of the returned candidate.

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