47. Do political parties have to report regularly on their finances?




"No later than May 1, after the end of each financial year, the representatives of a party group or list of candidates shall submit to the State Comptroller their accounts for that year."

Source: Article 10(c), Parties Financing Law, 1973.

"A party group or party will publish the names of the donors and the amounts of donations, as instructed by the State Comptroller."

Source: Article 8(f), Parties Financing Law, 1973.

"A party group will report through the system for reporting donations [in the State Comptroller's website] any contribution received immediately upon receipt thereof and no later than one working day from its acceptance."

Source: Article 32(c), State Comptroller Guidlines according to Party Financing Law Concerning Managing the Financial Affairs of a Party Parliamentary Group, 2009.


parties have to report to the State Comptroller on donations shortly after a donations was made, and in addition to submit an annual report.

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