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Closing of the digital campaign on social media and networks against hate speech and false rumors

September 15, 2023 • By Denis Djikini Kemndah
The IDEA International Chad Programme Manager symbolically handing over the campaign platforms to the Minister of National Reconciliation and Social Cohesion.
The curtains have come down on the digital campaign against hate speeches and false rumours on social media.

Following the tragic events of 20 and 21 October 2022 and the outbreaks of inter-community crises across the country, several communitarian positions were taken on social media. The media environment, and social media in particular, have been invaded by hate speech and false rumours fueled by messages of hate that often undermine social and community cohesion and living together. It has become increasingly challenging to broach a subject or take an action without it being tainted by the prism of community, ethnicity or religion. 

In this delicate context of the Chadian transition, IDEA International, in a bid to support and accompany the Transitional Government in restoring a climate of peace and national reconciliation, necessary for the implementation of the roadmap for the second phase of the Transition in Chad, ran a digital media campaign on social networks from 12 April to 12 July 2023 against the spread of hate messages and false rumours.

The campaign aimed to encourage Internet users to read the situation differently and to promote tolerance among social network users. The aim was to reduce or halt the spread of hate messages and false rumours.

After three months of campaign implementation, the campaign officially ended on Friday, 15 September 2023, when the various platforms were handed over to the Ministry of National Reconciliation and Social Cohesion.
The colourful closing ceremony was attended by the Minister of National Reconciliation and Social Cohesion, the President of the High Authority for Audiovisual Media, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication representing his Minister, the Head of the IDEA International Programme in Chad, the representative of the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation in Chad and various partners such as UNDP, EISA and ECES. 

In his closing remarks, IDEA International Programme Manager Abdoul Wahab Ba noted that, in addition to the many initiatives undertaken by IDEA International, this campaign reinforces the efforts being made by the Government of Chad to mitigate and reduce community conflict, promote an environment of peace, and consolidate social cohesion. For him, this campaign, conducted independently with the support of consultants and a Community Manager, demonstrates the level and commitment of Chad's youth to peace-building in the digital age. 

Closing the campaign, Abdramane Koulamallah, Chad's Minister of National Reconciliation and Social Cohesion, pointed out that what is distilled in social media is far more divisive than in traditional media. According to him, hatred harms national construction because he has experienced it with people of his generation. "The Ministry of National Reconciliation and Social Cohesion, taking up the reins of your campaign, will organize a major national conference on social networks in early 2024. I am also impressed by the work of young people on the competition launched during the campaign. For the ten winners, I am asking the Secretary General of the Ministry of National Reconciliation to award them certificates as ambassadors of peace, national reconciliation and social cohesion," he said. 

Overall, the digital campaign reached nearly 93,000 social media users on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, with over 10,000 exchanges in some 20 towns across Chad. The content creation competition launched during the campaign attracted 64 entries, with ten lucky winners receiving prizes. 

The Ministry of National Reconciliation and Social Cohesion is taking over the reins of this campaign to ensure continuity of action to strengthen the voices of peace further.

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Former staff member - Denis Djikini Kemndah
Communications Officer, Chad
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