Press Release

Statement on the External Review of Taxation Issues
Stockholm, Sweden


The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) is committed to good governance practices and follows the principles of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). In that regard, we continue to improve our accountability and transparency structures.

We regularly report to Member States on all governance issues, including a taxation issue that has arisen within the organization. The Council of Member States acted immediately on this and decided to engage an independent external audit (KPMG) that is reporting directly to them in relation to these matters.

International IDEA maintains that any action taken on the taxation issue was carried out under due process, including consultations with Member States, the relevant sub-committees of the Council of Member States and the legal counsel.

Until the conclusion of this audit process, International IDEA is not in a position to provide any further information in the interest of the rights of any persons involved.  

Press Contact

Head of Communications and Knowledge Management
Raul Cordenillo
Tel: + 46 8 698 37 75

Raul Cordenillo’s work focused on enhancing International IDEA's profile as the primary actor for effective and sustainable democracy building by maximising the potential of its knowledge resources, policy initiatives and reform assistance programmes. He represented the voice of International IDEA in local and international media and other communication networks and oversees the work of the communications team (communications, publications and the library).